Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's a-coming

I'm waiting.
Waiting for the holiday to come.
I'm watching.
Watching the scales each morning.
I'm hoping.
Hoping I can hit my mark.
I'm eager.
Eager to eat my fill.

Yeah. That's how I roll. (with butter, of course)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Choose, not chews

From the day we're born we're choosing~ dry diaper over wet, pureed pears over pureed peas. We battle to wear the blue shirt instead of the red one- even as toddlers. This desire to choose for ourselves is inborn and continues throughout our lives. There's never a moment that we're not choosing. Think about that~ every time we give in to something, it's not because it was bigger than we are ~ it's because we choose to let go of the thing we really want. (This does not apply to most personal relationships- marriage, parents...! This is for the purpose of reaching goals.)
What are you choosing? Here are a few ideas:
CHOOSE to eat better today. What does your body need today to become stronger and healthier? Think about the serving portions- are they in line with good health? If you are going out to lunch or dinner today, what can you choose to keep your goal? Eat a smaller breakfast. Look at the menu on the Internet before you go or call the restaurant to see what the best choices are. Look at the nutritional values. Again, what does your body need for today? Take charge of your meal- ask for dressing on the side- take a zip lock bag with your own healthier dressing. Ask for balsamic vinegar on your salad. Make sure veggies don't have added butter. Go prepared and don't even open the menu to spare yourself temptation!
If this was lunch, now you have another choice- dinner. If lunch was more than you usually eat, then scale back for dinner. Some grapes and yogurt. Some apples with cheese. Maybe a slice of whole grain bread.
What can you choose to do today for exercise? A walk? Some gardening? A ball game with the children? Recent research shows that even 10 minute periods during the day add up to significant health increases. Don't choose to let "busyness" overtake your fitness goals. There is something you can do today~ sitting at a desk? Use one hand to lift a handweight while working with your other hand. Tighten muscles and hold, then release. Remember, you have a bigger goal- a better life now and the future.
All choices- you don't have to be a "victim" unless that's what you choose.
CHOOSE nutrition.
CHOOSE better health.
CHOOSE life.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Who's your turkey now?

Thanksgiving Day, aka Turkey Day. Any quick ideas on today's menu? Yes? Class?

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect..on the containment properties of thin-sliced cornbread. How high can you build a wall around your plate without it crumbling to the floor under the weight of just too much broccoli casserole?

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks..for Chinette. All the strength, none of the hot, soapy water.

Thanksgiving is a time to remember..what your feet used to look like, when you could see them from a standing, upright position.

Thanksgiving is a time for family..making sure you have enough mac'n'cheese for all those grandkids.

Thanksgiving. I am grateful for this day, for all the reasons there are to eat, and eat, and eat again.

And, then, to sleep.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Between politicians and business, you'd think we've heard enough about change! But not really. Change is what is happening every day. I had a neighbor recently tell me she doesn't like change. But I think we all like change. We just want to be in CHARGE of the changes in our lives. A well known phrase out there is "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got." Which means, if YOU don't change your behavior, the results won't change, either.
But it's not quite true in the world of our bodies. If we keep doing what we've always done we won't get the results we've wished for. But there is definitely change happening. We're on a path and if our path is unhealthy we will INCREASE our poor health. We can't stay the same- first, because we are aging and our bodies lose their abilities to fight. But also, because we are eating poorly, no matter what your age, our bodies can't change the course they are on- so we have high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and many more problems.

When we change the unhealthy habits we have and bring in healthy changes we change the future. We feel happy, energetic, motivated~ready to conquer! We can accomplish great things when we change ourselves.

So, go ahead. Change.

Change your exercise. Start small, but be committed to that small thing.

Change your menu- again, small changes add up. Regularly change something in your diet.

Our bodies are finely-tuned machines- treat them like that- give them the best fuel and care you can.

Change your mind. Fill your mind with positive affirmations. "I'm worth it. I think like a fit person thinks. I eat healthy food. I'm in charge of my health. Today is going to be a perfect day!"

Change your surrounding. Fill your fridge/shelves and home with healthy things- from food to books to just de-junking. Imagine the mental weight we lose when we clean out a closet! That high can transfer to our diet as well.

Change your order of importance- put you at the top of the list. Just like the flight attendant tells us- "place the oxygen mask on yourself first and then help the person by you." You can't save someone when you're the one in trouble. Taking care of yourself first will actually give you more time, energy and emotional strength to help others.

Change your life and your world will change.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's up with that?

So, I'm, like, looking at my plate and it's the usual Sunday dinner type stuff - roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, steamed fresh green beans (w/ butter), steamed fresh carrots (w/butter), hot-baked yeast rolls (...umm...that would be, like, w/butter, too) you know the routine.

And, I'm thinking, like: 'This just doesn't look like a lot of food, right?'

I mean, it doesn't even take up the whole plate, like, and that's just a small area calculated by taking the square of r times pie...um..wait...oh, yeah, right, like there is pie, of course, you've got to factor that in as well.

So, anyhoo, like, I'm looking at my stomach, too, and there seems to be p-lenty of room for all those goodies to fit into, and, like, sure enough, they all do, what!!

So, like, why is it that my stomach pokes out so much? It's like so, so poky-outy when I'm through, maybe even before I calculate eating the pie, squared or not, like, and why doesn't all that stuff just fit right in, nicely, snuggly-buggly-ruggly?

It is so, like, annoying-gah!

And, like so unfair. Why can't the eyes and mouth get in-sync with el stomacho when it comes to space available? What? I mean, who controls the elbow joint? A little less benderoosky would go a long way in minimizing the values that result when you estimate food area. Even if you have pie, squared or not.

That's alls I'm, like, sayin.'

Friday, October 9, 2009

Weigh....TO GO!

I thought I'd share a few tips I sent to a friend recently. Donna and her husband, Kevin, came to the States for a 3 week tour of the mid-West, ending in the Northeast. Lucky! She was worried about weight gain during that time and asked for a few ideas. Here they are, with a few more added. By the way, she did great on the trip.

The thing is, is to enjoy the trip. You should taste new and different things when you travel. Just don't eat the whole hog at the luau!

Before you go eat, drink water!! Always start your day with water. It will flush your system, enter the blood stream, cleaning and energizing as it goes. It wakes up your digestive system.

Many hotels offer a continental breakfast. That usually means cereal, waffles, bagels, toast, oj, fruit...you get the picture. High carbohydrates, low nutrition and fiber. There's usually an apple- start with that. Recent research shows that an apple in the morning is very beneficial in several ways- pectin is a good thing!

There may be yogurt and milk. Dairy/calcium is critical to weight loss. Don't ask me why- it just is!

Even when you choose the wheat bread it won't be the nutritious wheat bread. It's just darker white bread, nutritionally speaking. No fiber...still stripped of great stuff. So maybe skip bread and go for Raisin Bran.

Oatmeal is a great choice- slice an apple thinly into it before you heat it. Perhaps put a little water in with just the apple and heat in the microwave to cook a little before you add your oatmeal. WOW! That's good stuff.
You don't have to eat at the hotel. Grab a yogurt and apple/banana and get outta Dodge!
Once you're on the road, find a grocery store. Buy fruit, baby carrots, celery..Eat a half cup of carrot before you go to lunch or dinner. It will take the edge off of your hunger and give your body something nutritious to work on for a while. Plus, fiber is a good thing when travelling for a while! It will also help you make a better choice at the restaurant since you're not starving.
You can take a cooler with you on your trip, if it's a road trip, to carry cool foods.

Many hotels have a computer for guest use. Ask the concierge for restaurant recommendations, then look them up on the Internet. Check out the menu and make your choice before you go. Thenyou won't be tempted to choose something unhealthy. Pick a couple of things and ask which is more popular. Remember you can request how your food is prepared. If you choose veggies as a side, make sure to ask for unbuttered- just seasonings only. Steak is buttered, also. Lots of hidden fats at restaurants. If you can't look it up, ask your hostess or waiter for healthy recommendations.
Decide where you want the bulk of your calories for the day. If you LOVE big breakfasts, have a good breakfast, but then eat carefully the rest of the day.
Salad isn't always the best choice because dressings are so fattening. Make the best choice and ask for it on the side. Some dressings aren't on the list. Sometimes they'll have balsamic vinegar- which is delicious and fat/calorie free. You can splash a little olive oil with it for a healthy fat.
Dip your fork in first before you pick up your salad. You'll use less dressing but still have the flavor.
If the portion is huge, have your waiter halve it and box it to go at the beginning of your meal. Save it for dinner! Or share. So many of our portions are horribly huge. Or you can grab an extra side and split the entree.
If you're going fast food- Subway has a great menu. I often get a side salad and a small chili at Wendy's. No dressing for the salad. I pour most of the chili on the salad. It's very filling, high protein and low calorie/fat. Chick-fil-a has a grilled chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun with lettuce and tomato. Tell them no butter on the bun. It's very good.
You'll want plenty of protein for long lasting energy in your day so eat meat and beans. If you go Mexican food, get grilled meat and black bean- not the refried.
Reward yourself. You ARE on vacation and since you seldom come this way, eat the things that are special to the area. If you love bar-be-que, eat it! You can get grilled meat and ask for sauce on the side or if not, go ahead and get it as prepared. You don't want to miss the great sites, why would you miss the great food?! You don't eat this way at home~ you'll quickly lose the few pounds you might gain.
Eat to "fuel" your body, not to fill up. When you think of it like that, you'll look at the meny differently. Put the highest grade of fuel in your car(body) to get the best mileage and service!
Have a little snack each night. Maybe grapes and yogurt~my personal favorite. Check out the grocery store for the best snack bars~ I'm currently liking Fiber One's Oats and Caramel and Chex Mix's Turtle (chocolate and caramel over pretzels and stuff). Both low fat with fiber and great taste~ like a candy bar without the guilt.
When to stop to tour a site, park away from the front. Get some brisk walking in. You'll relax your joints and wake up your brain. Go for a walk after dinner- is there a park in town?
You can successfully eat while you travel- even abroad. Choose carefully and indulge when it's special. Then walk, walk, walk!!
Bon voyage!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The real deal

If weight loss is important, and it is, and dieting is the major strategy to achieve weight loss, and it is, then perhaps adopting the KIDS method would be helpful.


Stick to things that are associated or combined with the word 'diet.'


Fast food diet - the quicker you eat, the more full you get, the less time you spend eating.
Diet Dr. Pepper - affable, but knowledgable physician who prescribes weight-loss pills.
Southern-fried diet - program of eating only deep-fried foods - after 8 days, you will eat nothing at all for two weeks! It averages your calorie intake over a longer period of time.
Eskimo diet - easy to eat small portions - how much seal steak and whale blubber can you eat?
I'll-diet tomorrow - this keeps your planning efforts busy - burns mental calories!
Potato diet - start counting - if you get past three-potato-four, you're at your daily limit.
Diet Coke - 0 calories, 1000% taste!

Perhaps a combination of these would be the most powerful. You can select from the list to create the most effective plan for you.

Me, I'm on the See-Food Diet. (With Diet Coke, of course!)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30th 2009

Well, I feel as though I'm not so focused on losing weight. When I say that, I mean my every waking minute isn't spent thinking about it, and I'm actually seeing some progress. There's one reason to be grateful for sickness! It makes you lose your appetite. Can't complain there. I decided to not put so much thinking into it and live, but adjust. I want to lose 1 pound a week. Shouldn't be too hard one would think, but those people probably haven't REALLY tried to lose weight right?! If our society weren't so engrossed in food for EVERY occassion it would be a little easier. I've been watching Biggest Loser and I thought, the show is what, like 10 weeks, maybe a few more, so if I can watch that, gain a little inspiration, then as soon as 10 weeks pass, I'll be 10 pounds lighter. That's the idea anyway. I get so wrapped in up in losing weight, and so frustrated with it, that I do the discouraged and binge, but start again tomorrow. I think those of us who have "issues" need to take a different approach to it. It might take longer, but after a year of trying, how far have we come? No where for me, not even after 4 years of "trying". So start small, for example, if you drink pop every day, cut it out. I think I heard somewhere if you were to cut out pop, you could lost 10 pounds. That's just for a drink. The key is to not replace it with something else though. The journaling is huge though (eventhough I don't do it. Well, I will tomorrow though :)). There are so many things we probably put into our mouths and don't realize it. For me, a bite here and there from my kids lunches, or their snacks. I mean, over the course of a day, it's probably 100-200 calories I'm sure. Anyway, change one thing and start there. It's just the starting that can be hard sometimes!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Much Too Busy!

Ok, LISA, I finally signed on to this thing. It's been almost 2 wks since I've even checked my email. Don't know what to say about the weight thing except that it's a BEAST! I am, however, going to attempt to confront the beast and beat it back. Will update as I go. In the meantime, choose your foods wisely - they can be your enemy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I BLEW IT!!! Now what??

The title says it all! You had a bad day. Don't we all? We start out with great intentions and somewhere along the way we lose our focus. Maybe a neighbor or coworker brought goodies, maybe you found that goodie you had hidden away (Mama is FAMOUS for this!! We've found petrified goodies every once in a while.), maybe you're going out to dinner on impulse.

These kinds of things can throw us off track and we lose sight of the goal.

The goal isn't to lose 50 pounds (or whatever you need) TODAY. The goal is to make the best CHOICES today. If you do that every day you will be healthier- in every area of your life.

So, back to the title...

You did great for breakfast and terrible for lunch- don't worry, you have the rest of the day to choose better. You did great until after dinner and the snacks got you- prepare for that temptation. Only allow healthy snacks. Place treats far away from easy reach. If you snack downstairs, put those chocolates upstairs in the linen closet. Make it an effort to get to them and that will allow time to rethink whether you really need to eat it.

When you know dinner out is the plan, make your other meals and snacks very light and healthy. You can have a HUGE salad with FF/SF dressings- even balsamic vinegar. Fill up on the things that have the least caloric consequences.

Before you go to dinner, have 1/2 a cup of raw carrots and a glass of water. Again, like a previous post said, look at the menu on line or even call ahead and ask what their healthiest options are. Then enjoy your meal. Make sure the amount of food they bring fits into your day's needs. They often bring huge portions of food. Have them wrap half of it to take home or share the meal.

When you totally mess up, you can refocus and start with the next meal- don't wait until MONDAY to start again. In 4 hours or so it's mealtime again and you can be in control right away.

Maybe you can get a walk in. And if you've already walked this morning, try to get a short one in this evening. Don't let one bad episode ruin your ultimate goal~ a happy, healthy, strong body.

Recognize your mistake- what factors influenced your choices. What can you do to avoid those or change those factors? If you can't avoid them, what can you do to face them? Visualize this in your mind and you will have the strength to choose better later today or first thing in the morning. You CAN do it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Write Stuff

You've heard it before, haven't you? When you're trying to lose weight, keep a food journal. Did you dismiss it, thinking you could keep track "in your head" of all you ate for the day? Sure, you can remember what you've eaten in a day, so why write?
There are a few reasons why keeping a food journal is a great tool in your weight loss "tool kit".
1. You may NOT remember all you ate for the day. Did you record that little bite of cookie, or that can of pop? The candy dish on the table- did you get that piece written down? Which brings us to #
2. It may keep you from BLTs- bites, licks, and tastes. Knowing you have to "report" to your journal may give you second thoughts about that piece of candy or bite of cookie... Nothing is wrong with a little treat - even daily, but write it down and figure it into your day.
3. Writing down your daily intake lets you see WHAT you are eating as a whole- that helps you determine what you NEED. If you had oatmeal and toast with milk for breakfast and a ham sandwich with chips and drink for lunch you can quickly see that you haven't had any fruits or veggies and maybe you've had enough grains for the day. Knowing we need at least 5 fruits and veggies would throw all those servings into dinner.
4. Keeping a journal lets you see what works for your body. Are you protein-based or carb-based? Which one gives you more energy? Which one satisfies and lasts for you? Should you start the day with carbs or protein? By writing down your menu you can look at your week and see that your mornings were sluggish and maybe that's because you had cereal. Try more protein the next few days and see if it sustains your energy level longer.
5. May help with variety. See how many days you've had chicken this week??? You definitely need variety in your diet. Chicken isn't as high in protein or iron as beef. Beef doesn't have Omega Fatty 3's like fish. You can look at your journal and see where you may be lacking a well-rounded diet.
Can YOU think of MORE reasons a journal is a good idea? Can you think of any reason it's NOT a good idea? Then give it a try! You don't even need a formal journal. Take a cheap spiral notebook and keep it in the kitchen where you can write. Make it small so you can take it to work and write your lunch in.
Journaling is a great tool to help you have success in your healthy life~ good luck!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Every day in every way I'm getting better...

Habits rule when you're not thinking.
Make your habits work for you and not against you.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I agree with the planning. It needs to be planned, otherwise, you grab what's most convenient and fast (well, I do) and those are typically the things not to eat. There are a few things that I like to eat that are low whatever and good and quick. One for now:

Tortilla Soup

2 cans chicken broth (or 3 cups)
1 can corn (drained)
1 can diced tomatoes (juice and all)
1 can (4 oz I think) green chilies
1 can chicken

Put all together, heat and eat. It calls for optional: cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips. But beware, that's what turns a healthy soup into a "hearty" soup. Not always so good, but oh so goood! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thank goodness it's Friday!

A thought we often feel- if we can just make it to the weekend. That's not a bad thought, unless you're thinking if you're good all week, eating and exercising, then the weekend is free game. You can ruin your work and lose your focus on the weekend unless you plan for it.
If you're going to the movie and you always get popcorn, you can still have it. Order the small. If you're going out to eat, see if the restaurant is on the Internet and look at the menu early in the day. What are the best choices? Make them now while you're strong, not tonight when you're hungry. You can even call a restaurant and ask what their healthy choices are. If you make the best choice and it's still covered in cheese, scrape most of it off! Ask for dressing on the side.
The point is to PLAN AHEAD.
"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" is true in every case when we're trying to change something in our lives.
For example, today I had a book club luncheon. I ate light for breakfast- just a yogurt and a couple almonds. For lunch we had chilled raspberry soup, small chicken salad croissants, a fruit tray, a veggie tray and for dessert, pretzel salad. I had about a cup of soup, chicken salad w/o the croissant, and a little of the rest. It added up to a sizeable lunch, so when dinner was here I ate half a small potato, some chicken, a large green salad and some cantaloupe and watermelon.
Tomorrow we'll move Caroline down to Provo, so I'll be good all day and depending how the day goes, we may make sandwiches at her place or grab a Subway.
The same planning can work for exercising. Again, looking ahead to the weekend. Since we're moving Caroline in tomorrow, we'll be climbing the stairs multiple times, lifting loads of stuff to carry in. I can adjust my exercise to do less formal exercise since I'll get more later in the day.
Saturdays are a good day to do "free" kinds of exercises- go to the beach and get in! Walk on the beach, hike a trail, bike rides, walk the bridge. Things you may not have time for in a regular week.
There you go- it's Friday and you're ready for a great weekend! Reward yourself because of all your dedication this week by sticking with it! What have you got to lose?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'll jump on this train

Now that our Bear Lake family weekend is over...it's a new day! I really think I gained 4.2 lbs. Oh well, it was delicious and plentiful! Now I have 5 days to loose it before Paul comes home! Two of my go-to snacks are bananas and honey, or apples and peanut butter. I mix it up. Gives me the fruit, the sweet, the crunch, the salty taste that I'm craving, but not all bad. Give it a try the next time you're munchie!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's a new day- fo' real!

How many times have we said, "Tomorrow's the NEW DAY !"? Meaning that tomorrow is a fresh start and we can do better- we can do more, we can do less, we can do differently. It's always wonderful to "start at the very beginning, a very good place to start" but when you have so many "new days" for starting the same thing that can be a downer.
But those "old new days" are over. This is the "real day-eal"!! You never have to start again. You don't even have to finish- you just are. Or am. Or is. Whatever you want.

"This is how it's goin to play out" to quote Harrison Ford in Sabrina, (an oft-used quote by Mama). You may all have access to the password of this blog so you can write posts of your own. We can all respond. Recipes, exercise ideas, articles, encouragement. We can do it together.

Wherever you are, start now and regain power and control of your life. By eating healthier you will FEEL stronger- even the first week. You may only lose one pound like I did, but because I had followed my program I felt powerful and successful and motivated to go another week.

Pick any day that works for you and post your meal plan for the day. That way we can copy your day. Maybe just your dinner plans or your snack plan for the day.
I have a company dinner tonight, but my lunch was a sandwich with light mayo, half a small avocado, some cucumber slices and fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden, lightly salted and freshly cracked pepper. I added a few pita chips for crunch. My breakfast was yogurt and grapes. I'm expecting dinner to provide protein and more veggies for me. The avocado was a good source of nutrients. The grapes are a great antioxidant. I need 3 dairy servings a day for my age, so I need to get more of that in today. And I'm drinking water.
What are your plans for YOUR new day? "Let's do it together" ( Gregory Peck in a Roman Holiday).
Julia ain't got nuttin on us.