Thursday, October 1, 2009

The real deal

If weight loss is important, and it is, and dieting is the major strategy to achieve weight loss, and it is, then perhaps adopting the KIDS method would be helpful.


Stick to things that are associated or combined with the word 'diet.'


Fast food diet - the quicker you eat, the more full you get, the less time you spend eating.
Diet Dr. Pepper - affable, but knowledgable physician who prescribes weight-loss pills.
Southern-fried diet - program of eating only deep-fried foods - after 8 days, you will eat nothing at all for two weeks! It averages your calorie intake over a longer period of time.
Eskimo diet - easy to eat small portions - how much seal steak and whale blubber can you eat?
I'll-diet tomorrow - this keeps your planning efforts busy - burns mental calories!
Potato diet - start counting - if you get past three-potato-four, you're at your daily limit.
Diet Coke - 0 calories, 1000% taste!

Perhaps a combination of these would be the most powerful. You can select from the list to create the most effective plan for you.

Me, I'm on the See-Food Diet. (With Diet Coke, of course!)

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  1. That's a good one. I like it. I like the see-food one. That way you can eat it and not have to keep it. :)