Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's a new day- fo' real!

How many times have we said, "Tomorrow's the NEW DAY !"? Meaning that tomorrow is a fresh start and we can do better- we can do more, we can do less, we can do differently. It's always wonderful to "start at the very beginning, a very good place to start" but when you have so many "new days" for starting the same thing that can be a downer.
But those "old new days" are over. This is the "real day-eal"!! You never have to start again. You don't even have to finish- you just are. Or am. Or is. Whatever you want.

"This is how it's goin to play out" to quote Harrison Ford in Sabrina, (an oft-used quote by Mama). You may all have access to the password of this blog so you can write posts of your own. We can all respond. Recipes, exercise ideas, articles, encouragement. We can do it together.

Wherever you are, start now and regain power and control of your life. By eating healthier you will FEEL stronger- even the first week. You may only lose one pound like I did, but because I had followed my program I felt powerful and successful and motivated to go another week.

Pick any day that works for you and post your meal plan for the day. That way we can copy your day. Maybe just your dinner plans or your snack plan for the day.
I have a company dinner tonight, but my lunch was a sandwich with light mayo, half a small avocado, some cucumber slices and fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden, lightly salted and freshly cracked pepper. I added a few pita chips for crunch. My breakfast was yogurt and grapes. I'm expecting dinner to provide protein and more veggies for me. The avocado was a good source of nutrients. The grapes are a great antioxidant. I need 3 dairy servings a day for my age, so I need to get more of that in today. And I'm drinking water.
What are your plans for YOUR new day? "Let's do it together" ( Gregory Peck in a Roman Holiday).
Julia ain't got nuttin on us.

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