Friday, November 13, 2009


Between politicians and business, you'd think we've heard enough about change! But not really. Change is what is happening every day. I had a neighbor recently tell me she doesn't like change. But I think we all like change. We just want to be in CHARGE of the changes in our lives. A well known phrase out there is "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got." Which means, if YOU don't change your behavior, the results won't change, either.
But it's not quite true in the world of our bodies. If we keep doing what we've always done we won't get the results we've wished for. But there is definitely change happening. We're on a path and if our path is unhealthy we will INCREASE our poor health. We can't stay the same- first, because we are aging and our bodies lose their abilities to fight. But also, because we are eating poorly, no matter what your age, our bodies can't change the course they are on- so we have high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and many more problems.

When we change the unhealthy habits we have and bring in healthy changes we change the future. We feel happy, energetic, motivated~ready to conquer! We can accomplish great things when we change ourselves.

So, go ahead. Change.

Change your exercise. Start small, but be committed to that small thing.

Change your menu- again, small changes add up. Regularly change something in your diet.

Our bodies are finely-tuned machines- treat them like that- give them the best fuel and care you can.

Change your mind. Fill your mind with positive affirmations. "I'm worth it. I think like a fit person thinks. I eat healthy food. I'm in charge of my health. Today is going to be a perfect day!"

Change your surrounding. Fill your fridge/shelves and home with healthy things- from food to books to just de-junking. Imagine the mental weight we lose when we clean out a closet! That high can transfer to our diet as well.

Change your order of importance- put you at the top of the list. Just like the flight attendant tells us- "place the oxygen mask on yourself first and then help the person by you." You can't save someone when you're the one in trouble. Taking care of yourself first will actually give you more time, energy and emotional strength to help others.

Change your life and your world will change.

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