Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30th 2009

Well, I feel as though I'm not so focused on losing weight. When I say that, I mean my every waking minute isn't spent thinking about it, and I'm actually seeing some progress. There's one reason to be grateful for sickness! It makes you lose your appetite. Can't complain there. I decided to not put so much thinking into it and live, but adjust. I want to lose 1 pound a week. Shouldn't be too hard one would think, but those people probably haven't REALLY tried to lose weight right?! If our society weren't so engrossed in food for EVERY occassion it would be a little easier. I've been watching Biggest Loser and I thought, the show is what, like 10 weeks, maybe a few more, so if I can watch that, gain a little inspiration, then as soon as 10 weeks pass, I'll be 10 pounds lighter. That's the idea anyway. I get so wrapped in up in losing weight, and so frustrated with it, that I do the discouraged and binge, but start again tomorrow. I think those of us who have "issues" need to take a different approach to it. It might take longer, but after a year of trying, how far have we come? No where for me, not even after 4 years of "trying". So start small, for example, if you drink pop every day, cut it out. I think I heard somewhere if you were to cut out pop, you could lost 10 pounds. That's just for a drink. The key is to not replace it with something else though. The journaling is huge though (eventhough I don't do it. Well, I will tomorrow though :)). There are so many things we probably put into our mouths and don't realize it. For me, a bite here and there from my kids lunches, or their snacks. I mean, over the course of a day, it's probably 100-200 calories I'm sure. Anyway, change one thing and start there. It's just the starting that can be hard sometimes!

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