Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thank goodness it's Friday!

A thought we often feel- if we can just make it to the weekend. That's not a bad thought, unless you're thinking if you're good all week, eating and exercising, then the weekend is free game. You can ruin your work and lose your focus on the weekend unless you plan for it.
If you're going to the movie and you always get popcorn, you can still have it. Order the small. If you're going out to eat, see if the restaurant is on the Internet and look at the menu early in the day. What are the best choices? Make them now while you're strong, not tonight when you're hungry. You can even call a restaurant and ask what their healthy choices are. If you make the best choice and it's still covered in cheese, scrape most of it off! Ask for dressing on the side.
The point is to PLAN AHEAD.
"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" is true in every case when we're trying to change something in our lives.
For example, today I had a book club luncheon. I ate light for breakfast- just a yogurt and a couple almonds. For lunch we had chilled raspberry soup, small chicken salad croissants, a fruit tray, a veggie tray and for dessert, pretzel salad. I had about a cup of soup, chicken salad w/o the croissant, and a little of the rest. It added up to a sizeable lunch, so when dinner was here I ate half a small potato, some chicken, a large green salad and some cantaloupe and watermelon.
Tomorrow we'll move Caroline down to Provo, so I'll be good all day and depending how the day goes, we may make sandwiches at her place or grab a Subway.
The same planning can work for exercising. Again, looking ahead to the weekend. Since we're moving Caroline in tomorrow, we'll be climbing the stairs multiple times, lifting loads of stuff to carry in. I can adjust my exercise to do less formal exercise since I'll get more later in the day.
Saturdays are a good day to do "free" kinds of exercises- go to the beach and get in! Walk on the beach, hike a trail, bike rides, walk the bridge. Things you may not have time for in a regular week.
There you go- it's Friday and you're ready for a great weekend! Reward yourself because of all your dedication this week by sticking with it! What have you got to lose?

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