Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I BLEW IT!!! Now what??

The title says it all! You had a bad day. Don't we all? We start out with great intentions and somewhere along the way we lose our focus. Maybe a neighbor or coworker brought goodies, maybe you found that goodie you had hidden away (Mama is FAMOUS for this!! We've found petrified goodies every once in a while.), maybe you're going out to dinner on impulse.

These kinds of things can throw us off track and we lose sight of the goal.

The goal isn't to lose 50 pounds (or whatever you need) TODAY. The goal is to make the best CHOICES today. If you do that every day you will be healthier- in every area of your life.

So, back to the title...

You did great for breakfast and terrible for lunch- don't worry, you have the rest of the day to choose better. You did great until after dinner and the snacks got you- prepare for that temptation. Only allow healthy snacks. Place treats far away from easy reach. If you snack downstairs, put those chocolates upstairs in the linen closet. Make it an effort to get to them and that will allow time to rethink whether you really need to eat it.

When you know dinner out is the plan, make your other meals and snacks very light and healthy. You can have a HUGE salad with FF/SF dressings- even balsamic vinegar. Fill up on the things that have the least caloric consequences.

Before you go to dinner, have 1/2 a cup of raw carrots and a glass of water. Again, like a previous post said, look at the menu on line or even call ahead and ask what their healthiest options are. Then enjoy your meal. Make sure the amount of food they bring fits into your day's needs. They often bring huge portions of food. Have them wrap half of it to take home or share the meal.

When you totally mess up, you can refocus and start with the next meal- don't wait until MONDAY to start again. In 4 hours or so it's mealtime again and you can be in control right away.

Maybe you can get a walk in. And if you've already walked this morning, try to get a short one in this evening. Don't let one bad episode ruin your ultimate goal~ a happy, healthy, strong body.

Recognize your mistake- what factors influenced your choices. What can you do to avoid those or change those factors? If you can't avoid them, what can you do to face them? Visualize this in your mind and you will have the strength to choose better later today or first thing in the morning. You CAN do it!

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  1. Oh so true! If only our lives weren't so focused around food. Family gatherings, church gatherings, baby showers, parties, vt treat, any occassion treat!!! Aaaaggghhhhh! I'll start after my ice cream sandwhich! (it's a skinny cow though) :)